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I was wondering how possible it would be to port one of the emulators over to the iphone. Of course it would only have one screen and be 2d, but it would be great to play some of these games on the go.

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Well, theoretically, the 400-500 MHz ARM and PowerVR chip should be able to handle it, the problem is finding someone familiar with iPod/Phone development and a desire to port it and spend the time to optimize it for playable speed.

But, if someone like that is found, there’s no reason 3D can’t be done with anaglyph just like the PC versions.

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I’d say it’s unlikely to see Reality Boy ported to it, since it’s not very efficient and barely runs full speed on a fast PC… although the ARM9 in the iphone has some similarities to the v810, so the CPU core could probably be rewritten in ASM to gain some speed. I don’t know if Allegro has been ported to the iphone or not… if not, it’d take a lot of work to get Reality Boy working for it (the only open source emu… well, and Red Dragon, but that’s based on RB).

The best chance would probably be Richard Bannister porting ViBE, since that’s already for the Apple, although I don’t know how many of the Apple libraries he used, and how many have been ported to the iphone. Of course that’s not open source, so it’d really have to be him making it (or he’d have to give the source to someone else to do it).


What about Windows CE 2.11? 😀

What about Newton OS?

with what buttons?

iphone can’t even do NES properly.

there is supposedly one for the psp so ya i gues it can be done. i tryed the psp one but the darn thing was still set up to use a mouse n key board so it could not work for me

Evening all, I received my iphone yesterday, and after doing the necessarry I installed the NES emulator. So far, so good. Full compatibility (apart from Castlevania 3, only managed to get that working through the HBC) and save states etc. Has anyone tried any other emulator from Cydia? Just wondering before some hard earned is spent. The d-pad and a/b button very happy with for NES, but unsure about SNES/GBA configs and compatibility.

Apologies for the ‘off-topic-ness’ (if such a phrase exists!)

Personal research has proved fruitful!

Hi.I think the best option would be an vibe port.I dont know if apple uses the same api betwen macosx and iphone’os ,but if it is afirmative,it would not difficult.
Vibe is hight dependent of apple api and it has not use asm (recently i mail him asking if it could be easy a port for psp or other plataform and he told me this and the problem was apple api.in the past he gave his sources an programer with experience but he fail to port windows)


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