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I hereby release my new homebrew called “VUE Snake”, a pretty simple Snake game for the Nintendo Virtual Boy (and no april fools prank this time, heh). It has 3 play modes:

Play a single game and get the highscore!

Play three games in a row, total score counts.

You play two snakes simultaneously, each controlled by a D-Pad. Hard!

Each mode is available in 3 speed settings: slow, medium and fast. For each mode and each speed there’s extensive Highscore lists, too. The game is optimized for use on hardware (howdy, FlashBoy owners! :cool:), so post your highscores, guys, I’ve added highscore lists for the game to this site as well.

Download: VUE Snake (v1.0) (22kb)

vue_snake_3 vue_snake_2 vue_snake_1

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Very nice!

I love the “Nitrome-esque” intro animation 😀

You weren’t kiddin’ when you said Double Mode was hard! 😛

If this was on a cart, I’d buy one. Very nice!

Cool ! Thanks for this one !


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