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Found some sales info on some of the rarer VB games from a Japanese Twitter user.

Bandai didn’t get any orders from retailers for the SD Gundam game so they only made 100 copies, and Athena didn’t get any orders for Virtual Bowling either so they only made a few hundred copies.

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This is quite the awesome find, really interesting information!

So… only 100 copies of SD Gunam were made? That is extremely low, I would have expected a few times that much. Imagine, it’s only 5 factory boxes of 20 pcs each… Well, according to his last reply in this thread, 100 was the minimum order Nintendo would do; looks like they went with the bare minimum to at least recoup some of the development costs.

BTW, he mentions reproductions of the game being sold overseas a few times, probably referring to the translated release. 🙂

For archival, following are all of @Yoshidamian’s tweets in this thread:











Just 100? Wow so I had one of the 100 at one point XD

100 from sd gundam that cant be true
i myself already had about 15 to 20 copy’s in my hand off this game ( originall japan release ) in the past
and that for somebody that dont live in japan but just in the netherlands
It will be a low print but it have to be more then 100
this game is not very hard to find in japan ( only its expansief )
from the 4 rare japan games i think this one and space invaders are the 2 easy to find


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