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Hello. New member here. This question has been probably asked a million times, but I have a VB that doesn’t power on (no mirrors humming either), how do I go about troubleshooting this? I want to make sure the power is actually getting to the mainboard. Is there a diagram of all the places I can check for power with a multimeter? I have confirmed that at least the tap is receiving power. Thanks!

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When I had a similar issue and it seems that the tap was receiving power, it turns out it still wasn’t. I gambled on buying a new adapter on eBay for like $30 and that did the trick.

I tested the adapter and it works fine. Does anyone know how much current is supposed to come out of the tap? After testing it again, I’m not sure I’m getting a good reading.

The adapter tap was not outputting a charge so I bought one off ebay for $25. I must have been measuring wrong before because I thought for sure I was seeing a charge. Anyway, we’ll see if this fixes it.

Yeah. I had one of those aftermarket VB power adaptors, and the multimeter was showing voltage sometimes, and then it was in and out. Like I said, I bought the official adaptor tap and that did it. Worse comes to worse, you can always resell the tap. Make sure your actual AC adapter is giving power to the tap.


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