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UK based Retro Gamer magazine did a review of Martin Kujaczynski’s VB Racing back in March 2009. The game, which scored a second place in the first Planet Virtual Boy Coding Competition in 2008, got a half page of attention and a reasonable 70% score. Read the article here. Thanks to dasi for the heads-up!

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I agree
The game is the same all the way threw

This is one of the best home-brew games that has been coded for the VB, and I’ve got nothing but props for it. It’s got a great engine, has replay value (I think I’ll put it in and play it today), and the graphix are great. I really would love for a sequel to come out with any improvements he wanted to put in it. And, I was really hoping he would come with another entry to this years competition.

Akumie..I don’t understand you. Please- just be more supportive..or at least…try to be nice for once. When I read your posts, it makes my head hurt.

I am nice when it is due
Most homebrew games are ok in the aspect its hard work coding them but for us gamers not so good
Sure many games could be very good once they are finished, sadly they are just left as demos

Blox 2 is an example of a very good homebrew game, not my style maybe but atleast it wasnt just rushed in a day or half finished
It even has some nice features like the one where you can choose languages and one of them is Swedish 🙂

So yeah, maybe make a game that has 20 mini games in it and incude things like worms… and it would be ok

On the side not thought I hear some games in the coding competition is being worked so thats good even if personaly the 3 games I want to see 100% finished is the yeti3D, mario Vb and the VB Mario kart game

I hope this game will be finished sometime… it’s still a unfinished, an outstanding unfinisehd game, but it really need to be finished 🙂 A must have 😀


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