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Hey all, first time poster here. I’ve just started getting into Virtual Boy emulation and since i’m relatively new to the scene, i’m not too versed in the various emu projects over the years. Anyway, the emu i have ended up using is VBJIN, as it was the easiest to set up. However there are some mild issues i have noticed and i was wondering if i could get any help fixing them. First off, some 3D graphics end up being glitched quite badly, this was most noticeable with switching perspectives in Wario Land and some text in Mario Clash. Also is there any way to change the colour of the emulation from purple. I tried using Bizhawke as an alternative but that did not allow me to switch off 3D. Keep in mind my tech skills are limited to extracting zip files. Is there any help i could get with this? Apologies if this is a frequent topic/in the wrong section of the forums

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