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Hey there, all you fine folk! Figured y’all might be interested to hear that I got in contact with Virtual Lab‘s developer ‘Megumi-tan,’ after writing a history / review of their game in question. They get into a fair bit of detail about the game’s development, its publisher J-Wing, working with the Virtual Boy devkit, and other really interesting insights into their history in the games industry.

You can check out the interview transcript here, if’n you’re curious!

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Thank you Cassidy, haven’t read the article about Virtual Lab yet, but the interview was a super interesting read!

Fun fact: XKizuha, initiator of the “Virtual Lab 2” project mentioned by Megumi, and I have actually started doing an interview with them as well, but we haven’t had any contact since November, when Megumi had to undergo surgery.

Figures that I wasn’t the first to reach out to them haha! But Megumi is super cool, I’m still very glad I did, and I hope that you’re able to reach out to her again soon! They are very interested to see your progress on it, and I’m sure they would be willing to answer any questions y’all might have.

Hi KR155E, Cassidy.

Thanks for interviewing Megu-Tan san and making a fully fledged interview. It was both interested to hear about the production background, and was shocked about the dark story behind it. I really wish Megu-Tan san best of luck.

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Very interesting read. I can’t believe it was created in only a week, that’s insane!

I never thought the game was the worst game ever, but I still have a new appreciation for it after reading the interview.

That was a really great interview! I see Virtual Lab in a different light now. Insane production time – respect!

Great work! Thanks for doing this.

I later also found some unused music and sound effects which you may have missed.

I have added links to your article and the interview to my Virtual Lab “fan page”.

Wow. The unused sound effects and music does add variety. That unused version of Megu (Risa Katagiri is a afterthought by J-Wing) is also an interesting find. Maybe J-Wing requested Megumi to censor clevage during the development.

Also, since you reverse engineered the game, it will be very helpful to use as a groundup/reference to a possible unofficial sequel, ‘Virtual Lab 2’ (Working TItle). (The concept itself was approved by Megumi herself)

Concepts for the Homebrew game, ‘Virtual Lab 2’ (Working Title)

If only we could find the guy who drew Risa Katagiri, it would be perfect…

Your project is interesting. Virtual Lab didn’t turn into a good game at the time because it was unfinished. The concept is interesting and has a storyline that could be finished. I’m following your project whit great interest now. Please keep us informed!


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