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I recently got goldeneye 007 on nintendo 64 at a yard sale and while playing it and seeing how great it is I started thanking maybe you can some how unlock the goldeneye VB game, I know that it is uncertain that if rare or nintendo were working on the game before its cancellation, but I thank that if rare worked on it maybe theres a chance, beacause with some of the other n64 games rare made like donkey kong 64 have lots of extra games on it so maybe this has it to. Please leave your thoughts about this below.

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I am liking the concept and if had the knowledge, equipment etc to check my N64 carts i would do so, but that is far beyond me, it would be very interesting if anything did get found and could then be dumped for emulator/flashboy playing.

mmmm didn’t think baseball2 would get many votes.

Hey man im going to check all the game cheat sites I can to find some cheat, or debug menus or something that says you could play it on there, I will be sure to let you know if I find something. Also where did you find the poll that I made for which vb game should have been relesed, ive been looking all over the site and couldent find it anywhere please let me know.


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