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Yesterday Richard Bannister released the latest version of ViBE, his and Gil Pedersen’s Virtual Boy emulator for macintosh. Get version 1.0b3 on http://www.bannister.org, and don’t forget to grab the new Emulator Enhancer v1.2, which adds many additional features like support for USB joysticks, full screen mode, and bilinear filtering to ViBE. Here’s a preliminary compatibility list compiled by Rezrov:

3D Tetris, Galactic Pinball, Insmouse, Jack Brothers, Mario Clash, Mario Tennis, Nesters Funky Bowling (slowly), Panic Bomber, Red Alarm, Virtual League Baseball, V-Tetris, Virtual Fishing & Wario Land.

Not working:
Golf, Space Squash, Teleroboxer, Vertical Force & Water World.

Of v1.0b3, a PC Version of ViBE was said to be released as well, so this release hopefully means that we will see it soon.
Plus the guys from Nintendome recently made a big VB special, which we loaned them the necessary hardware for. So if you can read german, check it out.

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