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vibeMy prayers were heard, yesterday the long-awaited ViBE Virtual Boy emu for Macintosh was surprisingly released! The emulator developed by Richard Bannister und Gil Pedersen had been in the making for quite a long time, but after promising screens and videos it suddenly disappeared from the homepage of the developers a few month ago. It was considered dead by most Virtual Boy fans, so these news are even more pleasing… Hopefully it was no April Fools joke. The present version 1.0b1 is an early release, but it’s said to emulate all VB games and updates are also on the way. So, if you’re on of those lucky Mac owners, grab your copy now at http://www.bannister.org.

In other news we now have a chat online, after DogP came up with the idea on the board. Our idea is to install the chat on all Virtual Boy pages to give Virtual Boy fans a chance to meet in a general chatroom. You can also reach it at chat.vr32.de. Let’s see how this develops…

Last but not least I want to let you all know that the PHSCologram is not (longer?) for sale.

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