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In an exchange of Emails with (art)n’s Janine fron about the PHSCologram “Panic Bomberman” I did not only learn new facts about it, but also that one of those superrare items (only about 2 to 3 made) is for sale. So if you’ve just got spare $2,500 then you should write an email to (art)n. don’t forget that you need a special lightbox for the 3D effect though, which is about $500 in the US. It’s a pity that I’m not rich… Not less interesting are the VUE-Debugger and the VB prototype scale model, about which I also put up pages in Hardware/Misc.

Furthermore there is the new savegames section with Reality Boy saves and some new Highscores. PPC sent in his great VB Wario Land time which is ages better than mine… Oh well.

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