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The latest issue of japanese gaming magazine “Game Labo” contains a rumour about a “Virtual Boy 2”, which is under development not as a standalone system, but rather as a peripheral to the Wii. It’s said to be released around the end of this year.

So, not really a “Virtual Boy 2” as they call it, but stereoscopic goggles for the Wii? Game Labo are known for their fishy rumours, but if there’s any truth in this, we might learn more on Game Developer’s Conference 2010, held in San Francisco from March 9th to 13th.

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P.S.: Thanks to TJ Trainor for the heads up!

P.P.S.: No, this is not the “great stuff” I talked about in the last update. 😉

lol. i was kind of worried it was for a second…

Seems they want to ride the new 3D wave that has been coming lately. There are 3D games for Xbox 360 as well nowadays.

Virtual Boy 2 as a peripheral to the Wii? I heard about a DS2 with a stereoscopic display , like Nokia 3d phone . Nintendo 24/25 february world conference is comming ,and is easy to hear a lot of rumors !! ( All aboard the hype train!!:Ds2, Wii2, a new Wario or Kid Icarus game…)

Sounds promising, I for one will jump on it! Who would have ever hoped for a full color Virtual Boy experience after all these dissapoiting news messages of it not happening! Though it is still a rumor of course, but this being an add-on to the Wii sounds more plausible than a stand-alone version.

If this is true, I’m definitely picking this up.

Judging by all the “3D” things coming out recently, this isn’t too hard to believe… then again, after the Virtual Boy failed, I didn’t expect Nintendo to try it again. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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