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I’m making this post to let you all know I’m in the works with an artist to make Virtual Boy and Virtual Girl enamel pins. I’m having a batch of 100 pins being made with a small portion of that being Virtual Girl pins. If anyone is interested in buying them let me know and before anyone asks, I will do international shipping. I don’t have the final price just yet but I don’t see them being more than $10-15 a pin. I’ll update as I know more.

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Interested! Any pics? 🙂
We need more Virtual Girl stuff!

I have the mock up that the pin artist made of both pins. We’re looking at a soft enamel pin and may do some screen printing. This is a WIP.

The Virtual Boy/Girl logo color is to bright.

These are only mock ups at the moment. We were trying to see if the detail of the logo would be too small in the metal of the pin (why it looks light). It seems it would maybe work if we screen printed the logo on it but that is experimental process and may not work.

We got the final proof for the pins today. There are 3 variants here. The top two are soft enamel pins. The bottom is a soft enamel pin with an epoxy coating with screen print to get the logo. These are “experimental” styled pins. The bottom right is the back of the pin that has mine and the artist’s logos. The legs look different than the mock up because of the thinness of the legs needing to be worked around for manufacturing.

Uh oh, pulling a Guy….isn’t the stand on backwards in those?

It depends. Nintendo themselves show the stand both ways. I have them the other way when I play but this way when I display it. I feel like this way shows the medallion when displaying the system.

Both ways are right? What a concept! =P

Now we just have to convince someone..

I’ll just make them an offer they can’t refuse **godfather hand gestures** 🤣

I think @guyperfect would be very happy to correct you here speedyink 🙂

The stand orientation in these images is incorrect. I have prepared a post detailing why:

And boy did he ever!

I get it, we mustn’t confuse new people with wrong information

A picture of the final proof of the pin was sent to me today. It still needs the final touches.


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