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Through a series of events far to complicated to go into right now, I’ve accuired a defunct virtual boy. My cushy little job (that doesn’t actually pay) now hinges on the repais of this device. I have a week to determine if i can fix it. (!)

I figured out how to set up the whole system (the stand is busted), but when i switch it on, the system vibrates a little and makes some static sometimes, but the displays don’t do anything. I’ve pressed every button, plugged every plug, and tried every game i have for it, but no avail.

Oh, and besides the stand, the whole system looks brand new.

Any ideas, O experts of VB innards?

(This might be in the wrong forum, I’m new 😀 )

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Do you have batteries or an AC adapter? If batteries, did you try brand new ones? If AC adapter, did you test the voltage? The vibrating is the mirrors moving which means you have some power, but not necessarily enough to run the game. Also, note that a lot of games take some time to start before outputting any sound (warning screens and stuff), so if your displays are dead (by far the most common problem), you may have to keep pressing start for 30 seconds or so before you actually hear any intro sounds.


I only have the AC adapter, and I’m getting about 13 volts DC. I found that if I shine a light into the red plastic windows, it shines as a small, red dot. When i turn it on and it starts to hum (you said it was the mirrors spinning) the dots strech into lines, but nothing else.

Also, i tried hitting the start buton for nearly two minutes with the volume on high, but to no avail.

Any help is appreciated. Thnx!

EDIT: Btw, there is actually a nasty looking scuff on the side as if it were thrown against a white-painted wall, really hard. Also btw, if I can’t fix it, I’ll probably get to keep it!


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