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I just had to sign up for someone (sillyzombie; Firefox user) because his e-mail address didn’t fit in the field on the form. I have no idea what could cause that, but you might want to have a look at it.

(I could use this opportunity to extol Opera’ superiority over Firefox, but I’ll refrain since that’s already obvious and this particular instance might not be Firefox’s fault ;-))

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ya i could not fit in .net into the form but its not a large email and this is the first time this has happened to me (no matter what any one says lol)

edit also thank you very much for helping

the email field holds up to 60 chars, so this should not be the problem. weird. which browser are you using? did you try to register with the same email you are registered with now?

with fire fox on a vista 64 bit pc. the email field did not scrool at all. as soon as it was filled from on end to the other it would no take in any other letters n i tryed all sorts of tricks

edit ye same email i have now, like he said above he signed up for me

also the pc i was signing up on is a windows xp machines also using fire fox

The problem was, you confused the Username and Email fields and tried to enter your email into the Username field. I heard this from other users as well.
I guess the problem is that people expect the Username field first, and then the Email field, which is not the case with the Xoops registration form. Too bad that it’s not skinnable. I need to find a way to hack the table width, so the fields are not that far away from their labels…


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