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Hey Everyone

I was wondering if anyone had any success getting a virtual boy emulator to work with a NVIDIA 3D Vision set-up?.

I haven’t tried myself as I do not have the correct set-up to do so 🙁 but I was wondering if anyone had any success getting it to work with it?

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It is my understanding that the nVidia stereo drivers are only for running 3D-accelerated programs in true 3-D. There is, apparently, a special SDK that can be used to alter certain properties of the stereo “camera”, but other than that, I’m not sure what can be done.

My shutter glasses came with a controller that goes between the video card and monitor and controls the glasses based on the timing signals. It accepts special color-codes in the first few lines of video that alter the operating mode, but other than that are completely separate from the software generating the images. Something like that would be easy to incorporate into a VB emulator, but if the nVidia system doesn’t work like that, there isn’t much hope without a major re-write, I’m afraid.

Is there an Emulator which supports a 3D Monitor like this:

Is an author of an emulator registered here? The program “just” has to utilize the iZ3D driver.

I wrote an extension for the mednafen emulator which shows the output in stereo 3D with 3D Vision. I will post a link to the forum post once they accepted it. Until that, here’s the download link:


(Btw. is this forum primarily German or English?)

Ich habe eine Erweiterung für den mednafen Virtual Boy emulator geschrieben, die die Stereo 3D Ausgabe mit NVIDIA 3D Vision ermöglicht. Solange der Forumpost noch nicht akzeptiert ist hier mal der Downloadlink:

(siehe oben)


(Btw. this is my first post, hello everyone)

Please let me know if it works for you. There are not many people who happen to have nv3d so I really need any tester I can have.

The forum post is now here:

I also uploaded a video with complete setup instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iDEWNY06sQ


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