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Ours Protoman85 continues his great series of Virtual Boy video reviews with a 15-minute video that showcases most of the Virtual Boy games created by homebrew programmers up to this day. Be sure to not miss this for a well done overview of what Virtual Boy fans accomplished so far!

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How do you get such great videos on the Virtual Boy? I tried it with my camcorder and they’re not even half as good as yours. Anyway, I like that Insecticide’s title screen is the preview image, must be because it’s close to the middle of the alphabet and therefore close to the middle of the video?

I think he records most of the videos threw emulator or just takes videos others have made

I use a DV camera and put it right up to the VB and film it. With the shutter speed at 1/50 the picture is good, only problem is that line that goes through the picture every now and then, but at any other speed the screen goes black instead so it’s a small price to pay. All of the homebrew games were played on a Flashboy, except VUE Snake, in which case took screenshots from an emulator.

Great video as always! I have yet to get my flashboy, but I’m planning to sometime after I get my wii-u. I really hope some better development tools will be available in the future, because these projects look good!

He even showed one of my ideas.
I watched all of his videos, he is awesome !

Another great video.
Thank u Protoman85 🙂

Great video 🙂


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