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I guess now that the Switch has put Sony in its place (for the time being, at any rate) it’s finally okay to… make Nintendo’s biggest-ever product failure the centrepiece of a tentpole game:


I was not that excited about this game before, but now I am. Anyone else?

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Wow, I had NO idea this was going to be in there. Fuckin eh Nintendo!

I’m actually in the same boat as you..as first I had a ok it’s kinda cool but not enough to get it attitude, but now I actually wanna get this game.

I wasn’t expecting Nintendo ever to give THAT much of an appearance of the Virtual Boy in one of their recent games. I am so glad to see that!

I pre-ordered this bad boy! I love the series and the fact they have the Virtual Boo made it an instant sell.

Awesome! Shared to my local group’s page. Im probably 1 of 2 VB fans in the Denver area it seems.

I was sure they were gonna do something like a “Nintendo Witch” :p

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots.


At one point in the game the character that gives you the Virtual Boo says “We’ll sell millions of these!”

I had a good chuckle at that.

I loved this game so much. Not even just because of the VB reference in the Virtual Boo but also how many little nods to the system there were in things like the map screen colors, little VB logos in E. Gadd’s lab, the game carts that function has assist items to help find gems/boos, and a lot of nods to Mario Clash with the green pipes Gooigi travels through.


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