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I made a little MIDI of Mario Clash’s title screen music. What do you think?
Mario Clash Title Screen (Jugband Remix)

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It’s great! Did you sequence it by hand or did you convert it from a WAV recording?

I did it by hand.

It’s alright. However, I tried playing it through a few different sound fonts and it always came out as a typical MIDI-styled file, anyway. If you don’t mind working on it a bit more, you could remove the typical MIDI-ness of the song.

Sounds alright for me. You won’t get less MIDI-ness, it’s a MIDI after all. 😉 Anyway, I think that’s what makes it so nice.

“You won’t get less MIDI-ness, it’s a MIDI after all.”

Oh, you would be surprised. A lot of MIDIs actually choose instruments that sound wrong under anything other than the creator’s default patchset, which is what makes a MIDI more MIDI-like when played on any other patchsets. There is at least one such instrument in this song (the very low panflute, I believe). The really good MIDIs are the one that use the right instruments for the right job – and the right effects, too, so it sounds even less MIDI-ish.

I mean heck, there are orchestral video game pieces out there rendered in such a way you’d never think it’s a MIDI.

Oops, too late to edit.

Wanted to say that isn’t to say I dislike the song; it’s a good composition. It just very much has that typical impersonal sound to it.

I like it. It seems to answer the question: “What if Mario Clash was part of the Banjo-Kazooie series?” 😀


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