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Just came across this. It sounds interesting, and may be useful to someone. It does say “untested” somewhere on here though, but I like the idea.


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I would love for someone to give this a try some day, and maybe even sell it! After finding out that the voltage regulator on the VB i just got isn’t good, I would love to give that a try on a future system should that happen again some day.

Thats my little creation based on information found here and my own investigation.

Basically its a simple linear regulator replacement for the original switching buck regulator.

I did bench test the design and it had no issues, but i have not tested it long term. I also have not had the PCB produced for it.

Ideally It should be a switching regulator also to get the best efficiency possible to have your batteries last the longest, but I figure many people are using the power adapter anyways.

Thanks for the insight, and for making at least an option for repairing this part. Anything helps!

No problem, Ive now completly redesigned it, and is now using a very high efficiency switching regulator circuit.
I’ve also cut down the size to almost the exact size of the stock one.

Should be plug and play.

Very cool! Is there plan to post a schematic?

The link in the first post is updated, the pcb, schematic and Bill of materials are there.

Nice, didn’t catch that. Very handy!


the vb runs off 5 volts right? just run it off USB 😛


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