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One of the underrated Youtubers I watch did a pretty solid retrospective on the Virtual Boy. He even mentions Protoman85, another underrated Youtuber and user of this site, as he showed his footage in this video. Good to see more people talk about this fine system.

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i found that entertaining and enjoyable. thanks for sharing the link.

I think I remember this guy. he askes permission to use footage from my reviews or something a good while ago, months at least… it’ll be interesting to see what he came up with.

EDIT: Okay, it was pretty good but a bit of a shame he didn’t like most of the games very much and sounded pretty AVGN-ish with panic bomber, water world and red alarm.

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Yes, he was obviously very “inspired” by AVGN. Everyone I’ve showed Red Alarm to has been very impressed by the depth. And Wario Land being #1 was very predictable.

Even I don´t care that much about NES and SNES stuff I am subscribed to NES Complex a long time now on Youtube mainly because I like the effort he puts into camera work and editing, especially when he shows his old Nintendo Power magazines. It must have been a lot of work to put that episode together even when reusing gameplay footage from Johan.

I find it a bit strange when I hear that someone gets confused when playing Red Alarm, I would understand that when playing it in 2D on an emulator for example then you don´t always see where to go. But in 3D?

Anyway, usually I have the feeling he is very “authentic” expressing his own thoughts, even I don´t agree to everything he said and maybe I am just a Virtual Boy fanboy and he isn´t, which is also fine.

I agree with you guys. It’s a well done video and I enjoyed it, but I don’t agree with his ranking for the games either. Also no mention of the japan exclusive games.

I also dislike his ranking and also dislike some of his comments.
ie: Panic Bomber has awesome 3D enemies, so I think it fits well with the 3D theme.

He also could have listed the Japanese games, because many of the Japanese exclusives are awesome.
VTetris, Space Squash, Insmouse No Yakata… 🙂


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