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Hello ladies and gentleman. I have recently got the bug for Virtual Boy gaming and collecting. I picked up one in Chicago back in November on my escapade around the planet.

I am looking to create Virtual Boy Videos in strange locations around the world. I thought I would post links to my work on the subject thus far, here.

Fishbone Review (Filmed in Australia, whilst Snorkelling)

Hyper Fighting Retrospective (Filmed in the Truth Sanctuary in Thailand)

Mario Kart Virtual Cup Review

Mario Clash Review (Filmed at Colchester Castle in England)

A Virtual Boy System Review (Filmed at the Grand Canyon, USA)

The Virtual Boy is just such a fun subject to create content on, so I wanted to say thank you to the people of this site for giving me inspiration and information.

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Hey, I just watched the Fishbone review. It’s pretty cool. Thanks allot.

Hey excellent stuff. I’ve seen/enjoyed some of your videos before but never realised you’d covered the VB.

If you pick up a flashboy in the future, make sure you give Bound High! a go.

Cool vids! Quite entertaining as well.

Thanks everyone! I feel VB games are vastly undercovered on youtube, so I intend to change that by creating as many videos as possible on the subject. It is such a fun system to delve into, I am currently making a video which will be out in a few days, about all 22 official releases.

It’s up now:

it is always nice to see objective VB opinions brought to the public eye (ears). for what it was the VB was (is) an amazing system. about the only thing i feel it is lacking is a larger homebrew scene. i dream of a day where the VB has more completed homebrew projects than actual retail carts, sorta like what happened with the vectrex.



Just kidding, that game sucks.

I bet had the Virtual Boy been released in England we’d all have a copy of Mario’s Rugby in our collections.


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