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Here’s a christmas little present for you, in case you pulled your good ol’ Virtual Boy out of the closet to play through Virtual Boy Wario Land again over the holidays. A complete graphical game guide, for which I combined level maps made by Trebor Almasy with the walkthrough found in Brian Hodges’ GameFAQ, both used with kind permission. Click here for the guide.


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Great looking maps. Nice little suprise to find before Christmas.

Man… with such clear maps of each level, one should now be able easily to form a strategy to beat my fastest times that are posted on this site. Please feel free to do so! πŸ™‚

Is the main image from the manual? I really like it!

My guess is that the main image was made from high resolution scans of the 3rd to last and 2nd to last pages of the Japanese instruction booklet, which doesn’t have the words overlapping the picture as the U.S. version does:


It looks like some extra work was done on it in Photoshop as well.

Yep, it’s that image from the manual, slightly rearranged and the stone texture redone in Photoshop. πŸ™‚

Great little image in that case, I like how it sums up the different ‘zones’ in the cave he goes into πŸ˜€

these maps are great! thanks for sharing.

Maps n Manual are great !


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