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limited run games has a book about the Virtual Boy in limited quantity for sale:

The Reality of Virtual Boy

After Nintendo achieved world-shaking success with its Game Boy handheld system, a next-generation follow-up seemed inevitable. Yet few could have predicted the form it would take—or how poorly it would fare with critics and consumers alike. That device, Virtual Boy, stands as a rare black mark on Nintendo’s long legacy of console hardware: An abject commercial failure, retired after only half a year of life. But was it really as bad as all that? 25 years after Virtual Boy’s rocky launch, this book provides a comprehensive and open-minded exploration of the Virtual Boy and its library from start to finish.

Packed with history, critiques, direct-feed screenshots, and complete packaging photography for the console’s entire library (and then some), this is the definitive chronicle of Virtual Boy’s history.

Virtual Boy Works Hardcover Book

Virtual Boy Works Collector’s Edition (Book)

Please note: Virtual Boy Works Collector’s Edition is limited to 500 copies.

The Collector’s Edition Book includes:

A hardcover copy of Virtual Boy Works
Illustrated slip cover
18′ x 24′ Reversible Poster
Commemorative Retro Metal Cart
Certificate of Authenticity

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Thanks, bought it.

The sample PDF has the table of contents, it says there are 4 pages dedicated to unreleased games. Personally, that’s what I’m most interested in, could anyone who bought it tell me if there is any new information or screenshots published in this book? Thanks

I bought it, but it’s not yet arrived to post a review. I could’ve sworn I read at point of order that they were complete, printed, in stock and ready to go out the door – has anyone else received theirs yet?

Not yet. Still waiting – but also haven’t gotten any email updates….

I received a shipping update just today, it shipped out from the States yesterday in fact. So looks like others’ should also be on their way today / or soon at least.

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I got my copy of the book today. Concerning the 4 pages of unreleased games, it mentions that Bound High got released by fans onto bootleg cartridges, making it available for sale in a decidedly grey-market fashion, as well as Faceball (it mentions thunderstruck’s remastered version, too). It briefly talks about Dragon Hopper, Zero Racers, and Virtual Boy Mario Land. Those are all the unreleased games mentioned, with no never-before-seen screenshots or other information that isn’t readily available online.

I got my book yesterday too – first thoughts are – I definitely didn’t need to buy this, but I don’t regret it because it’ll look nice on the Shelf and I’m happy to support Mr Parrish’s efforts.

Limited Run used a really poor shipping service so the book arrived dog eared on the corner and that’s the second time I’ve had an issue with them. I will never buy a single thing from Limited Run Games again.

Information is pretty basic and there’s a real missed opportunity at not including more than a glimpse into the homebrew efforts. Projects like Mario Kart are mentioned but it just leaves you wanting to know more. Might have been better to just not include any homebrew efforts because it draws attention to the scant info that is included.

3D glasses images don’t work so that was also a let down. I mean, they work technically, but this doesn’t suit VB screenshots at all, it’s a pretty pointless inclusion.

I am just very, very glad I did not opt for the Collector version.

On top of that noticed some mistakes that should have been picked up on edit.

So I couldn’t recommend this book, but I’ll keep it on the shelf in case visitors ask me what the system / games are like.

Wish it could have been a better review. The book is presented in nice quality, page layout could have been better but it’s presentable enough and on par with some of HG101’s books, just in a bigger hardback format I suppose.

I also felt after reading through it that I wish more info had been included about the unreleased games and the homebrew scene. Nevertheless, it is evident that he put a lot of time and thought into his writeups and evaluations for all of the released games. I like the professional look overall and am glad that he published this.

Speaking of the collector version, I did not manage to place my order in time to get the extra stuff. If anybody here did get the extra collector materials, and you’d be willing to take nice photos of them and post them for us, that’d be great! I doubt you’d have to worry about complaints from the creator. I’d mainly just like to see what I missed.

I’d be happy to take pics of the collector version extras….however, my book has yet to arrive! 🙁


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