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I got into Virtual Boy last month and I’d really like a book to look at the games as I’m picking out what to buy/play.

I somehow missed out on the Limited Run Games Virtual Boy Works book even though I get all their marketing emails for everything else for the past year.

I can’t seem to find Virtual Boy Works for sale (even used) anywhere. Anyone want to sell theirs please let me know.

Also, in searching for it I came across The Complete Virtual Boy on Hagens Alley site. It looks like a comparable book to the Works one, but I haven’t seen any reviews on it. Honestly the names of these 2 books make it nearly impossible to search for here or on google in general.

Please let me know if anyone has any other book recommendations.


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Those are the two books I’m aware of when it comes to the VB.

Jeremy Parish’s series on YouTube is quite nice: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd3vJYdenHKFCacmy1Twn_9W-uOEqNflx

Hi Mumphy!

Thanks for the video suggestion. You’re right those are great!

I would still be interested in buying someone’s copy of Virtual Boy Works if they decide they don’t want it anymore.

I ended up buying both Hagens Alley’s The Complete Virtual Boy and Jeremy Parish’s Limited Run Games Virtual Boy Works.

They are both about 180 pages. The Complete Virtual Boy has a double page spread for each games, while the Virtual Boy Works has 3 double page spreads for each game. The Virtual Boy Works has much more text about each game and pictures of the boxes as well as the cartridges. However, The Complete Virtual Boy has half the book filled with homebrew games which I really like included.

In the end, I’m happy I got both books. They are both nice in their own ways. The Complete Virtual boy was priced appropriately for its contents. I way way way over paid for the Virtual Boy Works on ebay since I missed the Limited Run preorder window. But at the same time, I happily paid it am an glad that a scalper took the risk in buying copies to sell to people like me that missed out.

Hope this brief review helps someone out.

I bought the regular version on the VB Works book from Limited Run but am disappointed I missed out on the special edition version due to website issues.

The special edition still has not shipped – now I kind of wish I had ordered the regular version instead (since, afaik, those have all been sent out). I think there have been holdups with the manufacturing on some of the extras that were supposed to be packed in with the special edition book.


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