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Last year, after the end of the Virtual Fall Coding Competition, a multicart with (almost) all submitted projects was secretly being made and sent to everybody involved in the event as a surprise.

Thunderstruck, who had accomplished the difficult task of compiling all ROMs into one, has now released the ROM found on the cartridges for everybody else to enjoy.


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It’s cool to see the full CIB set. Congrats to all the entrants who gets one of these cool carts! They were well deserved!

So great to have a rom so I can try this out. Thanks for sharing this and thanks to everyone that contributed! You’re all rockstars!

who won

tcr9315 wrote:
who won

The Game Boy Emulator made by M.K. won the competition:


So, I downloaded this but I can’t seem to figure out how to choose any of the games. No buttons/inputs I press go through the list of available titles. So right now I can only play the crossword game. Anything I’m maybe missing here?

@KirkJohnston Use Up and Down on the RIGHT D-pad.

Come on Thunderstruck, you should’ve used the LEFT D-pad instead.


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