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vjockeyToday I’ve got some nice photos of a flyer for the unreleased Virtual Jockey, as well as three screenshots from this flyer. Please excuse the bad quality of the screens, but we could not get them any better out of the photos… But whoever got it for the incredible price of 95,000 Yen (870 USD!) from Yahoo Japan might want to supply us with better pictures. We would be happy. 😉 I also got new info and two new screenshots of Virtual Bomberman, one of them being the first ever in-game screenshots of the game. Thanks go out to Aoitaka for translating the info! Last, I’ve updated the Unreleased Games section with the japanese names and a new look.

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did this cart or rom ever come out? If so, how may I get it?

Unfortunately, no ROM or prototype cart for this game has been discovered so far.


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