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I read that Virtual Lab restarts at certain levels, does that mean you cannot finish it?

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Not really… you can’t finish it because there’s no end :P. I played it for a couple weeks (leaving it on) and got past level 99 and it keeps going (the number gets garbled, but it keeps playing). The original cart does randomly reset on occasion, but I’ve never had that problem on my flash carts.


That’s interesting, why would it work better on a flash cart?

I don’t know… but my (unverified) guess is that they changed something like the wait states on the ROM, but the mask ROMs aren’t fast enough. If they changed the wait states to 1, then the ROM would need to be 100ns or faster, where if they leave it at the default of 2, then it only needs to be 150ns or faster (which is what the mask ROMs are).

Of course it’d work fine for a while, since a 150ns ROM will be 150ns or faster, but with a wait state of 1, if it is ever slower than 100ns, it’ll fail (and depending what is being read, either crash, glitch, etc).


i’ve had that game crash out on me way too often on the actual cart. i just have it put away and use the rom now. plus i’m less likely to bang it up again…


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