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I know that it isn’t most people’s favorite game, but it has some good music. So today I went and ripped most of it. Specifically:

– all the anthems
– the precaution screen music
– the title screen music
– the menu music
– the ingame music

All of them are without any sound effects whatsoever (except the title screen music because of the flying ball sound), and were carefully cut to allow looping (except the anthems and the title screen music, which doesn’t loop from the start).

They were recorded in 16 bits at 44.1 KHz with Sound Designer II, then converted to AIFF, and then cut and compressed to MP3. I still have the AIFFs in case anyone wants them, but there isn’t a noticable difference in quality anyway. By the way, they’re mono, because I have no way to record them in stereo.


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Really great work! Added the mp3s to the VL Baseball game page.

HorvatM wrote:
…were carefully cut to allow looping…

…compressed to MP3…

This pretty much destroys the repeatability because of the first “frame” getting silence added by the encoder. Distributing as FLAC might be the best way to go, at least until we get an emulated sound capture format.

Off to give them a listen, now! 😀

That precaution music sounds so sad! (I heard it on the real hardware before I looked at it here, though)


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