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I really would like to play this game.

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Wario Cruise is Wario Land on Virtual Boy, they just changed the gameplay a bit and name.

Well, according to the VB Mario screenshots here on this site, this game seems to have Wario as the opponent.
My guess is that Mario Clash and Virtual Boy Wario Land spawned all from the initial VB Mario Land idea.
So WarioCruise is also a good Subtitle.

Where did those screenshots come from?

I searched and could not find them, so that is quite the interesting question.

The Screenshots almost look as if they were from an emulator they’re so clear. I would love to know the story behind these screenshots and in an ideal world, I would love the ROM for Mario Land virtual boy to be dumped.

I wonder if Nintendo wasn’t trying to do the same with these titles as they did with the Mario land series on the GameBoy where Wario’s name was the subtitle in one game and spawned his own title in a later game.

I just assumed they were mockups made as an homage to the entry.

Fire-WSP, do tell! 🙂

Well, which story do you want to hear?
The one with the Nintendo HQ breakin, involving fighting against ninjas until reached the secret vault with all the prototypes inside?

Or the one were I recreated the whole sceen pixel by pixel as good as possible just with the available screenshots from PlanetVB?

I wish we would have access to the real demo but this propably won’t be happening anytime soon. I am sure some japanese collector is sitting on a nice bunch of VB protos but won’t relese them just to be mean. A VB bully 😀

Anyway, the screenshot was remade by me.
When I needed a break from my current project, I wanted to do something useful and also train a little pixel art.
So I went back to PVB for the screenshot with the Wario Head.
I tried this like 15 years ago already but failed.
This time it worked. i am very proud of the Wario Head.

The available screenshots of the demo are all not in the native VB resolution. The Wario Head screenshot is also cropped.
The whole bottom area is missing.

What I did was to first try to get the screenshot back in the correct resolution.
The VB screen is 384x224px
I assumed that it is using a 8×8 grid.
I also scaled other screenshots for reference.
I even took a screenshot from the Video and cut out the screen and scaled it back to VB resolution.
This gave me a good understanding of the size for each element.
The bottom area is 32px tall. I remade this GFX by watching the VB Mario Video.
The sky area is also 32px tall
A block in VB Mario for example is 24×24

In general, the demo seems to use quite big sprites like VB Wario.
Mario for example is about 50-56px tall
The Wario Head is 72x72px
My guess is that VB Mario made it straight to VB Wario.

The sizes I was able to assume with scaling worked out with the 8×8 grid.
With all the infos I then recreated every element of the screen.
All is just made with 3 colors.

The whole picture is a tileset usable for the VB Mario Demo we have here on PVB. So even if we can not play the real demo, with the GFX we can make it as close as possible to the real one.

I also cam up with a Titlescreen.
I wanted to use the style prior to the N64 rendering stuff.
An while I was on it, I also came up with a full story for the game.

I will post the game idea along with some GFX material in a seperate thread.

Attached is a Video showing the direct compare of the source and recreation

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That’s a super impressive job Fire-WSP! Fantastic job!

That’s an impressively detailed story you’ve created up there, but how about you fess up and tell us about what really happened once you broke into Nintendo HQ’s prototype vault?

Well that would be actually a cool story for a game 😀
Ninja Brawler style break in Nintendo HQ for lost games.
At the end you are in front of the open Vault with so many cool stuff. But you are only able to take one item.

Use of large sprites for VirtualBoy is not surprising. Without the ability to have contrast by color, you need strongly defined shapes and outlines. I imagine 3D effects would be smoother with higher-res objects. The VB also has a pretty good resolution, so why not take advantage of it?


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