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This is by far the cleverest use of the Wiimote to date. Absolutely amazing πŸ™‚ :

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An idea for the return of Virtual Boy?? (yes, i think only about it…)

That’s absolutely amazing. I really hope his talent is recognized at some point or another, it could revolutionize the next generation of gaming consoles.

Apparently some third parties have already expressed interest in utilizing the tech, so we may actually see some Wii games come out using this tech πŸ˜€ It won’t take much to do… They could probably bundle some free glasses with the game. Kinda like how you got a free steering wheel with that seriously bad racing game πŸ˜›

Amazing !!

Wow. Thats almost enough to make me want a Wii.

Sure, it’s cool, but it hasn’t got the immersiveness of the Virtual Boy. When I play Red Alarm I sometimes move my head a bit because I think that the enemy missiles are going to hit me!

Thats very amazing, I have to try this out.



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