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Here is an updated version of VUE Snake. It has some bug fixes, a very minor graphical update, background music (a big thanks goes to DanB for his MIDI Player!) and a save feature, which automatically saves all highscores.

Download: VUE Snake (v1.1) (25kb)

vue_snake_6 vue_snake_5 vue_snake_4

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Do you have to have a flash boy in order to hear the music? I tried it in Red Dragon and Reality Boy and didn’t hear any BGM.

Yes it’s best to play it on hardware. The latest Reality Boy has sound support, but Channel 0 is muted (hope this will soon get fixed with a new release), so you can only hear parts of the music from Channel 1.

i’ll give this thing a try tomorrow. im psyched!

Great game!!! 😉 :thumpup:


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