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A new preview version of VUEngine Studio has been released. Apart from the usual bug fixes and usability improvements, the highlights of this release include the addition of an entity editor, plugin configuration UI and a simple update dialog.

Grab VUEngine Studio here.

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Can someone point me to an entry start to this studio? I mean really for beginners with no coding experience? Which programming language do you need anyway?

I have checked the tutorials site but it is still empty:

How does it work with those templates? Do they show what is possible or are they ready-to-use programming codes which one just need to combine to get a “full” game?

VUEngine games are written in a custom C dialect that allows to work in an object oriented manner. You’ll need to understand both C and OO to get going.

Eventually, we want to add a no-code editor layer on top of VUEngine Studio that will allow to create games solely through graphical editors, but that is still far in the future.

We don’t have any tutorials at the moment, but the Showcase template double functions as an introduction to VUEngine’s concepts and can be used to get familiar with those through clean and well documented code.

Meanwhile, VUEngine Studio ships with a bunch of plugins which can be used to add ready to use things to a project, like fonts, post processing effects or the usual splash screens for example.


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