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Hey all! I bought a listing for these Jack Bros stamps on eBay recently and noticed that they weren’t on the site. Glad to make my first contribution to Planet VB with these nice display pieces! The only info I could find on them is from a reddit post about Shin Megami Tensei merch, linked here:

Megaten Merch of the week: Jack Bros stamps
byu/Larrue inMegaten

From the post:
“Today’s megaten merch are the amazing stamps made for the Puri Kura (or print club) machines which was a whole culture created by Atlus and Sega in one of their earliest collaborations. Beginning in the 90s the print club were photo booths that the customer could use to take one or more photos with the idea being to collect and trade with peers. The idea really took off for young girls and college age women as well.

With Jack Frost functioning as mascot to the early machines it was only fitting you would then buy frost accessories to decorate the photos to put in your photo collection or share with friends. These little beauties are examples of decorations.

Note there’s ripper and frost as depicted in Jack Bros, a Pyro Jack and a devil buster busters pyro jack. There are several stamps, of course but these were a recent auction listing that sold for more than 50$. Unfortunately I was not able to find original prices for these.”

Three of the stamps share the same poses as the Jack Bros from the back cover art of the Japanese box, while the other three stamps seem to be in alternate poses. I know nothing about the Shin Megami Tensei series beyond having played a lot of Jack Bros, but Jack Lanturn seems to be in a different cloak in the non-Jack Bros pose.

I’m happy to do whatever I can to help out the database here!
Here is the eBay link to the original listing I purchased from. I saved the URL in the Wayback Machine Internet Archive so the link won’t die in a month.

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Sweet find! These were ¥100 each back in the day. Though getting all 6 was random so most likely had to spend more to get the full set.


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