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The latest issue (#267) of UK-based gaming magazine Edge has covered Planet Virtual Boy and its outstanding community as part of a larger article called “Life after Death”, subbed “How the guardians of gaming’s past ensure that yesterday’s systems – no matter how obscure – will never be forgotten”.

Screenshots of the digital issue below. In case you want to buy the magazine, you can do so in print or digital.

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This is a most excellent article that shows good research and much respect to the console and the community. It is so nice to read Virtual Boy articles like these, as opposed to the ones made by nincompoops.

that’s really great chris. congrats.

Heh, I was reading the article with the assumption it was another old EDGE scan. Then I realized they were talking about me. Pretty cool stuff.

:thumpup: :vb: :thumpup: :vb: :thumpup:


This was a good read, very cool to see PVB in a print magazine!


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