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I’ve been a big F-Zero fan for a long time, and I’ve always wondered about Zero Racers.

What are the odds of it still existing? What are the odds it could ever be recreated?

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There is a game to my knowledge based off of Zero Racers for 3ds called Vector Racing. Also if you want a good racing game join KR155E and Jorgeche’s Patreon for FormulaV.


it will cost you $15.00usd a month to get betas and a final cib copy though.And just to let you know it is birds eye perspective not first person but a great game just the same!

Hey Gang,
I just got Vector Racing for 3ds. And let me tell you there is an option to see it from the drivers point of view just like Zero Racers. Not only that but you can also play it in all red just like some video game system we all know and love. All and all it’s not as fun as a Virtual Boy game because it doesn’t give you that since of right in your face like only the VB can. And you can’t fly over the other racers like you can in Zero Racers. But if you want to remissness on what the VB would of been like I recommend it!

Good to know Morintori, may have to check it out.

The Zpace Racers homebrew by DanB is similar to Zero Racers


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