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Whats everyones five favorite VB games? Mine are 5 Nesters Funky Bowling 4 Mario Clash 3 Red alarm 2 Space Squish 1 Wario Land.

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mine top is
place 1 : space squash
place 2 : warioland
place 3 : Virtual bowling
Place 4 : Space invaders
place 5 : vertical force

Based Upon the Games I’ve Own/Played

Number 1: Teleroboxer (U)
Number 2: Galatic Pinball (U)
Number 3: Wario Land (U)
Number 4: Panic Bomber (U)
Number 5: Virtual Fishing (J)

but then again I have a few more games coming in the mail I haven’t played:
Golf (U), Water World (U), Vertical Force (U)

Games I have but yet to play:
Virtual Tetris (J), Nesters Funky Bowling (U), and Baseball (U),

And Games I want to play but have not gotten a hold of πŸ™
Jack Bros (U), Space Invaders (J), Virtual Bowling (J), Gundam GD (J), Virtual Lab (J), Space Squash (J)

So I may Edit my list as these factors Changed πŸ˜›

(Games I have but didn’t make the cut)
Mario Clash (U), Vertical Force (J), T&E Golf (J)

jack bros is me fav. bowling used to be, but i haven’t played it in ages. there are a few other things that i really enjoy too but i cant say their my favorites.

Cool and Johnney Phantom Vertical Force is a really adicting and fun to play game, it gets pretty hard though. Jojobean what are the other things you really enjoy for the system?

I really did like Vertical force, I have the Japan import one, I don’t think there is any difference at all with the game vs the US one.

I wanna think that Jack Bros. Would be my number 1 fav, once I get a copy πŸ˜›

I almost was tempted to put Water World on my top 5 list as a joke πŸ˜›

VBrulez wrote:
Jojobean what are the other things you really enjoy for the system?

i enjoy a lot of the unfinished/unreleased demos and stuff like that. they’re pretty interesting.

Yeah im the same here, and putting Waterworld at number 5 would have been funny.

1. Red Alarm – by far my favorite
2. Warioland
3. Vertical Force
4. Space Invaders
5. Panic Bomber

I don’t own that many but form what I’ve played, here are my favourites.

1. Mario Clash
2. Wario Land
3. Red Alarm

The other two (Mario Tennis and Virtual League Baseball)
Mario Tennis isn’t that fun
Virtual League Baseball is unopened so I don’t know.

Okay, after some more game play, my new updated list!

1) Jack Bros.
2) Warioworld
3) Teleorboxer
4) Nester’s Funky Bowling
5) Galatic Pinball

(still have yet to play 3D Tetris and Water World) so list may change πŸ˜›

Hmm… good question. I haven’t played all the games yet but of the ones I’ve tried I must I’ve enjoyed:

1. Galactic Pinball
2. Wario Land
3. 3D Tetris
4. Vertical Force
5. Mario Clash (ok, not that much…)


Hey Jzagal, I am intrigued as to why you have the Red Alarm box as an avatar but don’t include it in your top 5, if you have not got or played it you really should, IMO best released VB game.
So guess i should list too as I’m posting here:

1. Waterworld, just kidding Red Alarm
2. Warioland
3. Jack Bros (I always think back to Atic Attack (ZX Spectrum) playing this one.
4. Mario Clash (when the buttons don’t annoy me, Jump, oh no i waved at the spiney and now I’m dead)
5. Tennis (or Golf, kind 50/50, I enjoy having a quick 10min match/hole in both)

Hey, I have the game but haven’t played it yet (Red Alarm). Of the avatars available it’s the one I liked the most. 😎


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