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First of all I am new to this page and have to say that this page rocks !! So much VB information at one spot, good job. You actually made me wanna buy a new VB game 😉 So now my question: Which game should I get?? I have Wario Land, Mario Tennis, Panic Bomber, Telero Boxer and Red Alarm. Currently I am bidding on INSMOUSE but I doubt I will get due to the high prices paid for this game. Is there any other game you can recommend??

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PS: Forgot V-Tetris 😉

galactic pinball is definitely much fun!

Space Squash definitely. Some guy on Ebay sells a bunch for 60 bucks each. Well worth it.

I got Nester’s Funky Bowling just for the heck of it, because it was a few dollars. Pleasent surprise. Not a great game, but okay and allows one to play a round of “something” on the VB in a few minutes, during tv commercials or whatever. Due to the very low cost, definitely suggested.

If you like puzzlish arcade games, Mario Clash a definite good choice.


3-D Tetris (much different from V-Tetris) definitely essential, and a good puzzle game no matter how you slice it, harder to find though and usually a little more pricey than Galactic Pinball witch is also an essential game.

Thx for your recommendations. I am actually bidding on Insmouse, Jack bros, and Galatic Pinball. Which me luck ^^

nope… GREAT deal. :O

Hehe yeah! Guess the seller had no clue about the value of the game ^^ lucky me.


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