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Another very fine update for you today. I got some nice camera footage from E3 1995 and Winter CES 1995 in the mail, showing the Driving Demo, the Dolphin Demo, the E3 1995 Galactic Pinball prototype, the VB prototype at Winter CES 1995 and the E3 1995 VB booth. Click the thumbnails to view the videos:

racing_demo racing_demo_booth dolphin_demo_booth g_pinball_e395 vb_wces95 e395

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very nice videos 🙂 You can see the so called ‘Video Boy’ in action. A developers device to show Virtual Boy games on a television. The guy in the second video wears special 3D glasses. I’d love to own such a unit. Would be fun to play Red Alarm on a Beamer.


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