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Many people who own the VB bought the console only for itself and not for one game in particular. Which game would have made you buy the Virtual Boy or actually made you buy the VB (if it’s one of the released game which made you buy the console) ?

For my part, it’s Metroid. I’m completely crazy about it πŸ˜€ and a Metroid with VB Wario Land graphisms is one of my dreams. I’d like to create this game with some of my friends… after my studies, that is to say in at least a 4 years time πŸ˜•

And why not a F-Zero ? Zero Racers would have been a great hit.

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I’m a huge video pinball fan, so Galactic Pinball probably would have convinced me to buy the system back in the day, it I hadn’t been so closed minded about the Virtual Boy on release… A Castlevania game would have sold me the system too – I’m a huge Castlevania fan of both game types – original and Metroid-vania – and I think that the Virtual Boy’s red & black graphics could have been translated into a really cool Castlevania game…

The only thing I can think of that would have been really neat would have been a Mario Kart port. Yeah, those aren’t really favorably looked upon (ports, that is) but the SNES version was fun, and would have worked great with the VB’s graphics.

I bought it because of the price, but I admit that one game I loved from the beginning was Red Alarm. Although it’s been heavily critisized for it’s wired graphics, I like those kind of games, since they are the best giving a feeling of depth. I really wish that Zero Racers had come out… πŸ™

I’ve only had a VB for two weeks now but I think if it would have been packed with Zelda… No wait we’ll call it… Zelda and the virtual stone! Yeah that sound great! There would be at least one in every house hold and two in mine. πŸ™‚

The big thing would be Mario Land VB.

That would have been a killer app.

And then a new Zelda game…..

And then a new Final Fantasy game……..



……………..among other things. πŸ˜›

Metal Slug for me! Gotta love cross-platform ports.

A 3-D contra or megaman would have had been cool.

I think for the longest time, I just really wanted to play through Wario Land, but now I got stuff like Galactic Pinball and Panic Bomber.


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