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Now i got to admit i dont know whats gotten into me but i fucking love my VB i can stop looking at it or watching auction with other vb and games…I visit the forum everyday and i ask myself why do i have such obsession with the VB?Why people in the internet seems to hate VB?Why did nintendo gave the last shot without trying to find a”cure” for it not that it was a bad system but the sales were kinda of bad.I collect retro consoles and games but never in my life i had such an obsesion with a retro console… I am really happy to be part of this community and i am really happy and proud of being an owner of VB and searching for games for it…I just wanted to share my feelings for this red baby:) your feelings are free to be posted:D:D :thumpup: πŸ˜€

PS am i crazy that i want to buy another one for decoration to my console”museum”?

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  • This topic was modified 16 years, 3 months ago by Kira.
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As for me, it’s mainly because of our nice community ^^

For me it is a combination of nostalgia and admiration for the technology inside the thing. I first heard about the VB on a british game show called Bad Influence when I was around 8. I thought it looked absolutely amazing and really wanted one but obviously the VB never made its way over here so I kind of forgot about it until 2005 when I was bored and decided to do a random ebay search. I’ve never looked back πŸ˜‰

I think for me it’s the nostalgia and technology just like Manicfoot said and that there is no other console that makes you feel like your immersed in the game. The other day I was at Sears department store and the smell of the store reminded me of the first time I ever played Mario tennis on the VB kiosk. Then how I pleaded with my Dad to get me one but with a price tag like that he said “Hell no” I would never have imagined then, that 12 years later I would have 3 of them lol and be part of a great VB site AND that there would ever have been a Flash Cart made for it. Just look at all the other systems in your collection… for real do it. Now look at the Virtual Boy. It just doesn’t seem to belong with the rest of them. It’s, it’s own thing. One single word and an exclamation mark describes everything you could say about it…WOW!

The reason the virtual boy is so awesome is because of the unique technology. Could you imagine what gaming today would have been like if this console was a hit? How awesome would it have been for 4th or 5th generation games to come out for it.

If it was a hit you could be sure that wii would have been in completely 3d. VB technology is way ahead of its time. Graphics on consoles can only improve to a certain point. immersiveness is the next step.

The next step in video games is true 3d, until then the only technology that comes close is the VB.

True 3D with a “here” and “there” feeling πŸ™‚ That’s why I love it so much… and nostalgia too! and the red, and… well, it’s Virtual Boy πŸ™‚

I’ve been lurking on these boards for a while now. I’ve always been a fan of the VB. I’ve always been a fanatic for virtual reality and the VB is the only console to really try and do it. I usually post on the gamefaqs boards, but the VB boards are long dead and don’t look like they’re coming back. I agree with all the reasons in this thread ^_^ VB forever.


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