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i bought this protoptype
its the prototype of PANIC BOMBER !!
i will get it in about 2 weeks (shipped to the netherlands)
its the japanse version.

here is the first picture, little unsharp tough

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wow! congrats on finding that one! i’m looking forward to seeing more of it! πŸ™‚ what exacly do the stickers on the eproms say?

i have no idea… LOL
i cant read japanese πŸ™‚
i believe there is nothing known about panic bomber prototype
is that correct?

nope, this is the first one to appear. only other protos are virtual bowling, faceball, bound high and space pinball.

the closest to panic bomber proto goodness is two patches by parasyte to enable debug menus on retail roms (http://www.vr32.de/modules/games/index.php?type=released&sec=downloads&id=9). as you can see on the first screenshot, the date of the build is displayed under the debug menu. since this proto probably has debug menus too, the date will tell you if it’s a proto of the final build.

okay, i will check it directly after i received it.
i think between 10-14 day’s tilll i have it at home

i hope its an earlier date then 21/07/95

would it mean that if it is from a later date it is not so interesting?
and does parasyte has a full proto ?
and could there by a difference between the japanese and american prototype?

you’re right, since japanese and us versions are very different, the proto will be something new even if it is the final version. the patches are for the us version only.

parasyte does not have a proto, but he found out that only few bytes or a single byte changed can unlock the debug menu on several vb games.

wicked that i have 1 now that hardly noboddy has
maybe its even rarer because its the japanese version (harder to get it?)

no, actually all yet surfaced protos are japanese version.

well, i just remember that there were us insmouse prototypes from acclaim, but i never heard about those again.

Deadly-D stares and drools πŸ™‚

I think I can help with readin’ Japanese stickers. I’m not pro, but have dictionary. ^^

Cool… congrats! Keep us informed on the details.


Very nice find. I’m very curious to see how it plays.

yes , it was a real cool find.
2 weeks waiting is soooooo long πŸ™

Yes please, keep us informed on the details πŸ™‚

Congrats. You got a really good deal too. $300 is very very cheap.

The 2nd Panic Bomber proto also went cheap….but not as cheap…$550. Its still a very good deal.

It will be interesting to see if there are any differences between the protos. For anyone who wanted to buy one of the protos….maybe you should contact the seller and ask if he has more… πŸ˜‰



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