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For quite some time now I have been visiting this site and reading up on how to develop VB games. But as I have been doing so, I have wondered how to make a 3d polygonal game. Anyone know How I would go about doing so? I realize there is a 3d Polygon engine on the site, but there is no source code. Help would be very much appreciated!

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You have to make it all in software. There is no hardware accelerated polygon functions of any kind.

That is, you have to make your own routines for scaling and rotating matrices and vertices, projecting them into screen space, and finally rasterize your polygons to the screens pixel by pixel…

Or you could wait until the end of the coding competition, and maybe there will be some code examples released by then? 😉

Weeeeelll, waiting till’ the end of the coding competition seems ways less complex. WAY less. So I’ll probably go with that… or not, it depends. I would have to look further into how to make such a game, I have had an idea in my head for quite some time but am not sure whether or not it would be best 2d or 3d. Maybe I can post the idea later, see what people think. Thanks for replying man 😛

Ok, so here’s the plot of my game that I’ve had in mind:

Once, long ago, in a world greater than what you have ever seen, there were vast
feilds and great forests, rivers, and a hardworking civilization of people. They lived in peace
for a very long time. They eventually discovered technology, and began using this to make
tools to lift their burden to make their work less hard. They discovered how to create robots,
and over time they became extremely advanced. But the robots turned on them, and took over this
fine land. But one boy, a cyborg more like, rose up to stop these invaders and return the land to peace.

Kinda lame, I know, but what type of game should this be? 3d, 2d topdown, 2d sidescroller, etc?

Sounds kinda like Robotron 2084… (Which would make excellent use of the D-Pads BTW)

Honestly, I would decide on what _kind_ of game you want to make before you think “3D” or “Robots”. Platformer? RPG? Shmup? It’s also good to have some experience under your belt before you run off and try to make something as complex as a polygonal 3D game. A Tetris clone makes an excellent first project.


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