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Hello there!

You may not know me, but in many circles I’m know as the Aftermarket Archivist. My goal is to collect all Nintendo aftermarket games with the focus of creating a library for research and historical purposes. I know, it’s an odd calling, but I love this stuff.

My aftermarket VB collection is complete, with the exception of one game: Space Invaders.

Want to fund another project? Need money for life changes? I’m your guy. I pay fair and it will go to a good home. Ask around, I never sell and I cherish my games. I’m also the guy who has the two-player VB display at the Let’s Play Gaming Expo each year, with the AV modded out VB so people can watch the Hyper Fighting tournament.

WTB: Space Invaders

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Bump it.

Bump it.

To be clear, looking for Thunderstruck’s version.

I’d email UncleTusk. He just had them available again not too long ago, I thought.


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