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DanB has released a new demo of his Yeti3D port for Virtual Boy. It now runs in full, stereoscopic 3D! It now also has background music and on top of that still runs a bit faster than the first demo.


  • Left DPad: Move/Strafe
  • Right DPad: Turn/Look up and down
  • L Trigger = Jump
  • R Trigger = Shoot

Click the screenshot to download.


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The new strafe mode is very good… i missed it on last version.
And what about the “enter sandman” theme!
I’m a fan of this yeti3d project… i hope to see more soon!!!

Waaaay cool! :thumpup:

Lookin’ good, Danny-boy! 😉

Now, just make a full game, release the code or (the preferred option) do both! 😀

Amazing. Why it was not released in 1995?… 🙂
The only one thing which spoils the taste is a hand with a gun. Who really need it?


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