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4 Patches
Hack: All levels selectable

This patch makes all 99 levels selectable from the main menu, instead of only the first 40.

Author: DogP

mc_all_levels.zip (186 B)
Hack: Controller Fix

This patch changes the controller layout to the Mario standard by swapping A and B (A jump, B throw) and also puts “run” on both triggers.

Author: DogP

mc_ctrl_fix.zip (173 B)
Hack: Save Support
  • adds support for saving your level progress, high scores and brightness
  • replaces the original capped 1 to 40 level select with the option to select any level that you’ve previously reached, all the way up to 99
  • optionally remap the controls to be closer to other Mario games (based on Controller Fix by DogP)
  • erase save by pressing L Trigger + R Trigger + Left D-Pad Down + Right D-Pad Down on the title screen

Sources here.

Author: Vague Rant

mario-clash_vb_save-support_v1.3.ips (726 B) mario-clash_vb_save-support_v1.3-button-swap.ips (944 B)