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4 Patches
Debug: Jack Bros Unlock Debug Cheats

This patch re-enables two debug cheats for a level select and invincibility which normally couldn’t be accessed, because the programmers deactivated them for the final version of the game.

Author: Parasyte

jackbros.zip (1 KB)
Translation: Jack Bros. German Translation

This patch translates all editable text and some graphics in Jack Bros. to German. It also includes Parasyte’s Debug Patch. To be used with the US version ROM.

Author: KR155E

jbg10.zip (v1.0) (5 KB)
Hack: Jack Bros. Pixie Dialogue Skip Patch
Translation: Jack Bros. Spanish Translation

Spanish Translation patch for “Jack Bros.”. Also includes Parasyte’s Debug Cheats patch.

Author: Max1323

jack-bros-s.rar (v1.0) (5 KB)