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Mario Clash GameFAQ
by Greg Protomanni • Last updated: Apr 02, 2001
V I R T U A L B O Y ~Mario Clash FAQ~ Established 1995 ____________________ _/ General Information \_____________________________________________ |The following FAQ is for The Virtual Boy system, an official product | |of Nintendo. This FAQ is to be used by GameFAQs.com and no other | |website(s) unless you have the consent of it's other, myself, "Prime | |Time" Greg Protomanni. To contact me about the usage of this FAQ, or| |any general comments, contact me via e-mail at Syxx669@aol.com. Thank| |you and enjoy. | |_____________________________________________________________________| Virtual Boy. Virtual Boy is a system of which was developed by Nintendo. Although the system did not hit off as well as other Nintendo consoles, but the concept at the time was a completely new. A system, that had legs to stand on, and with red virtual reality graphics. The system developed few games, but is enjoyable to a lesser extent due to the lack of variety in the games. The Game: Mario Clash Mario Clash is one of the only installments of our resident plumber turned mastermind, Mario. This game pits Mario in a standard level by level growth and strengthening process that's enjoyable to all ages. If you own a Virtual Boy, Mario Clash is a must have. Setting Up Your VIRTUAL BOY To start of your journey in Mario Clash, insert the game into the Virtual Boy. Where you ask? In the back of the Virtual Boy, there is a small opening to insert the Gameboy sized games. To insert, remove the black bottom of the game, and insert the side you removed the cap in, in first, and have the game's front, facing down. From there, insert the control into the socket, to the left of the game socket in, and plug in your main black plug into an outlet. From there, switch on the ON switch, located on the controller.) Mario Clash – Opening (The Part You Can Skip) Once you have turned on your game, a light theme will begin to play. Then, your first sight of this new technology will appear. A warning, telling you to read the manual before operating. Understandable. After this, the Virtual Boy logo will appear, and four smaller VB logos in each corner to help allign your vision. After that, an option to turn on the automatic pause, which I strongly recommend you do, since it will help you if you need to pause for any reason. Next up, the first scene of difference between games. A set of white clouds is all that's visible, and slowly begins to part to both sides. Once that is done, a lone tower is visible, with only the top atop the cloud line. Suddenly, a blimp with the evil logo on it comes flying out from the bottom right side of the screen. It slowly manages to sway over to the tower's lone flagpole, and drops four items. They seem like only little dots, but then the evil flag is hoisted. The shot then slowly falls downward, passing row after row of clouds, until it hits ground, and the front door of the tower. A close up shot reveals it to be 'Clash Tower'. From the left side of the screen, Mario appears, looks up at the sign and then enters. Mario Clash – Opening (Main Stuff) The Mario Clash logo appears, followed by a press start sign, which you should follow. Once you press start, you reach the main screen with three options. Game Level Top Scores Brightness The Game Level allows you to adjust which of the levels you want to start at. Top Scores, shows you the five top scores. Brightness one through five allows you to adjust the lighting in you're the screen. Afterwards, your journey begins! ___________ _/ Level One \_______________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Single Spiked Enemies | | | |This level is very simple. Using the controls, jump with B, and land| |on a turtle that comes from the top. Walk into his shell and pick it| |up. Use the shell to throw it directly at both Single Spikes by | |using the pipes to get to both areas. This is very basic, and should| |not pose a challenge for anyone, with or without experience. You get| |a few self-explanitory bonuses, and then move on to Level Two. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ___________ _/ Level Two \_______________________________________________________ |Enemies: 3 Single Spiked Enemies | | | |This level is extremely similar to Level One with one small | |exception. The three enemies are in a row! This means one shell can| |take care of them all. So, repeat the process in Level One of | |getting the shell, and then attack all three at once. You should get| |a sweet bonus for the three in one hit. | |_____________________________________________________________________| _____________ _/ Level Three \_____________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Triple Spiked Enemies | | | |Level Three marks the debut of Triple Spiked Enemies. These guys are| |tough to kill at first, because you don't expect that you can even | |face across the middle to the far side. So, the same rules apply as | |before. Get a shell, and then try and line yourself up with a Triple| |and then let a rip. If your on the mark, they'll get knocked into | |their shell and the shell you threw should bounce back to you. Don't| |move, just let go and launch it for the second time at that'll kill | |them. Do it for both, but watch out for the fireballs. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ____________ _/ Level Four \______________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Single Spiked Enemies | | 1 Triple Spiked Enemy | | | |This battle is a quick mix. I recommend getting rid of the 2 Singles| |before the Triple, simply because it's easier. So you should have | |only the Triple left, and as long as your lined up, Level Four should| |be quiet easy. | |_____________________________________________________________________| _______________ _/ BONUS CHANCE! \___________________________________________________ |Enemies: | | | |A quick bonus challenge to get you started on another difficult run. | |The object is to either jump, or just stand and get the coins that | |shoot at you. Simple, right? Not really. For every coin you get, | |it's 300 bonus points. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ____________ _/ Level Five \______________________________________________________ |Enemies: 4 Triple Spiked Enemies | | | |The same idea is used to get rid of the Triples, but with a new twist| |that can be quite difficult. You know have two different heights, | |and you need to use pipes to get up and go around. This can be hard | |with 4 Triples, but you should be able to take it quite easily with | |the accumulated skill you've got. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ___________ _/ Level Six \_______________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Bats | | | |There are a new type of enemy in Level Six. These guys aren't hard | |if you know how to kill them. They die the exact same way as Triple | |Spikes. Just get to the opposite side and let a rip. But the thing | |is, they can jump, so you need to watch yourself. | |_____________________________________________________________________| _____________ _/ Level Seven \_____________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Bats | | 2 Single Spiked Enemies | | | |This level is your first test of Bats and other enemies. Take out | |the Single Spikes first, because they're easier. Then you have to | |get the Bats, which as long as you know how, will be extremely easy. | |_____________________________________________________________________| _____________ _/ Level Eight \_____________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Triple Spiked Enemies | | 1 Bat | | | |ICE!! Get ready for a slippery course which can make for havoc when | |you try and jump or run and suddenly stop. This level can be tough, | |but as long as you get rid of each enemy one by one, in any order, | |this shouldn't be a grind. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ____________ _/ Level Nine \______________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 P-Boxes | | | |The P-Box is a new enemy that like most, with one exception, has to | |be killed by a throw across court. BUT, and you knew it was coming, | |is the only enemy so far that can actually fight back. When you | |attempt to throw your shell at the P-Box, a hand will rise from the | |top and throw a fireball at you and probably destroy your shell. | |Also, if you are on the same side as a P-Box, they'll throw fire at | |you, making it even more harder. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ___________ _/ Level Ten \_______________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 P-Boxes | | 2 Triple Spiked Enemies | | | |This level I thought was the most difficult to date because it's hard| |to actually get a shell from a turtle. This course took me about | |a few minutes to do, but once you get the shell, this'll work very | |easily. I recommend getting rid of whatever you can get close too. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ______________ _/ Level Eleven \____________________________________________________ |Enemies: 3 Crabs | | | |These new monsters are quite difficult because they are more... hyper| |than most monsters' you'll see. They need a direct hit, like a | |Single Spiked Enemy. That turns them to look at your eyes. Then, | |you have to hit them like a Bat or Triple Spiked twice, and that will| |kill them. It's like a relay, but unique. This level shouldn't pose| |much of a threat, but if you don't know how, this will be tough. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ______________ _/ Level Twelve \____________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Crabs | | 2 Triple Spiked Enemies | | | |More ice makes it hard to keep your grip. Always look for the Triple| |Spiked Enemies to get them out first. Make sure you watch your shots| |and don't rush anything. Yes, there is a timer, but make sure with | |Crabs you always be one hundred percent, or zero percent. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ______________ _/ BONUS CHANCE \____________________________________________________ |Enemies: | | | |This Bonus is exactly like the original. Just grab the coins, and | |get some easy points. Also, each point is still worth 300 points. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ________________ _/ Level Thirteen \__________________________________________________ |Enemies: 3 Snails? | | | |Ouch, this one is a douzy! These Snails are hard, because they lay | |eggs (yes, you heard right). Try and kill as many as soon as you can| |or you'll be buried in about 10-15 snails and you'll be pretty much | |frozen (trust me, I know from first hand experience). | |_____________________________________________________________________| ________________ _/ Level Fourteen \__________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Snails? | | 3 Single Spiked Enemies | | | |Another extremely tough situation that'll make you scream. Just get | |rid of the Snails first, unless you can't and your swamped with | |Snails. If this happens, then you should get rid of the Triple | |Spiked Enemies. This one stinks, and should be a real challenge. It| |took me a few tries, so don't be discouraged if you can't do it off | |the top. | |_____________________________________________________________________| _______________ _/ Level Fifteen \___________________________________________________ |Enemies: 3 Ghosts | | | |These Ghosts are similar to Bats. You kill them by hitting from | |across the court but you have to watch because they fade occasionally| |and they also float. This level shouldn't be too bad, but I think | |you can pull it off. | |_____________________________________________________________________| _______________ _/ Level Sixteen \___________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Ghosts | | 3 Triple Spiked Enemies | | | |This area is icy, and can be a little difficult. The Triple Spiked | |Enemies are easy, and that shouldn't hurt too much. Then try for the| |Ghosts, because they can be harder. Pretty much breeze by this place| |and head to an awkward Seventeen... | |_____________________________________________________________________| _________________ _/ Level Seventeen \_________________________________________________ |Enemies: 3 Tri-Balls | | | |These Tri-Balls bring back old and fond memories of the original | |Mario game. Remember those guys who came out from the pipes? Here | |they are, three separate body parts. The bottom two are direct shell| |tosses while the third (the head) needs an across like a Triple. | |Level Seventeen should be a cake-walk and get you easily to Eighteen.| |_____________________________________________________________________| ________________ _/ Level Eighteen \__________________________________________________ |Enemies: 3 Tri-Balls | | 2 Triple Spiked Enemies | | | |Level Eighteen is quite unique. When I made a note of it, I simply | |put down 'Free For All', and I think that pretty much sums up what | |Level Eighteen is. 3 Tri-Balls can be a little difficult, but you | |can do it. The Triples are standard Triples, and this should be a | |fairly easy level. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ________________ _/ Level Nineteen \__________________________________________________ |Enemies: 3 P-Boxes | | 1 Bat | | | |If you have trouble with multiple enemies in one battle, this level | |is not for you. Just keep yourself straight, and watch for the | |P-Boxes' flame and you'll walk through this without trouble. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ______________ _/ Level Twenty \____________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Snails? | | 2 Bats | | | |NO!!!!! Not snails again. These snail battle are extremely difficult| |for that simple reason. If your slow, the battle will grow. And if | |they go, you will know. Two to four, four to eight, eight to sixteen| |and eventually even breathing space is tight. Kill these guys quick | |or face the offspring of these terrible monsters. All I can say is, | |...start to pray. | |_____________________________________________________________________| __________________ _/ Level Twenty-One \________________________________________________ |Enemies: 4 Triple Spiked Enemies | | 3 Single Spiked Enemies | | | |In a row, this can be tricky if you don't have a plan. This is what | |I did, and it worked quite well. Wait across court right in front of| |the pipe so you get a nice shot of the first Triple Spiked Enemy. | |From there, pretty much attack by throwing because Single Spikes can | |be killed from the across court shot which is really helpful. | |_____________________________________________________________________| Log VI: Break Time (Excuse me? We're on a roll and you demand a break to rest? Come on, let's get this show on the road!) __________________ _/ Level Twenty-Two \________________________________________________ |Enemies: 7 Bats | | | |Wow, I haven't seen this many bats since, well, ever. This course | |can make getting a shot at these guys tough, because you are being | |quite clustered. I have faith in you though, so you can do it. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ____________________ _/ Level Twenty-Three \______________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Triple Spiked Enemies | | 4 Bats | | 1 Single Spiked Enemy | | | |Now they've added the seven monsters, which can be quite hard. But, | |just like this couldn't get any worse, the top floor has been removed| |and now your left to mingle with you, your seven friends, a lot of | |turtles, and the occasional fireball on the one floor. Can it get | |any worse? I almost guarantee it. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ___________________ _/ Level Twenty-Four \_______________________________________________ |Enemies: 4 Triple Spiked Enemies | | 3 Single Spiked Enemies | | | |Luckily, this entire 'in a row' thing can be easy to get rid of, | |because there is the element of ICE to get you. I find it's a little| |less slippery than before, (I'm probably wrong). This course is a | |well deserved break since you've hit a lot of hard stuff in the back.| |_____________________________________________________________________| ___________________ _/ Level Twenty-Five \_______________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 P-Box | | 3 Crabs | | | |This level is quite easy. All you have to do is make sure you watch | |out for the P-Boxes attacks across court. Watch for those and you'll| |be fine. | |_____________________________________________________________________| __________________ _/ Level Twenty-Six \________________________________________________ |Enemies: 3 Boos | | 2 Snails | | | |If I've said it once, then I've said it one thousand times, make sure| |you kill (and I mean quickly,) those Snails FAST. Don't worry about | |the Boos, until the snails are dead or else you'll have to call an | |exterminator. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ____________________ _/ Level Twenty Seven \______________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Bats | | 3 Single Spiked | | 2 Crabs | | | |This level's biggest difficulty is actually getting the chance to get| |a turtle shell before it gets knocked the other way, or you hit an | |enemy, etc. etc. Hit the Singles first, by either direct or across | |court methods. Then get rid of the bats, and then take your time | |with the crabs. They get hyper... | |_____________________________________________________________________| ____________________ _/ Level Twenty Eight \______________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 P-Box | | 3 Bats | | | |This level is one of the more difficult ones. You've got to be on | |your guard for the entire level because your watching for not only | |ice and icicles, but for the P-Box attacks. If you lose here, do not| |be discouraged. It's tough. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ___________________ _/ Level Twenty Nine \_______________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Single Spiked | | 4 Triple Spiked | | | |I call this level a "snooze". It's toward the end of the game, and | |follows a difficult level. No sweat here, do this one with ease. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ______________ _/ Level Thirty \____________________________________________________ |Enemies: 4 P-Box | | | |This is a very a tough decision, but I think I'm going to have to say| |that although Snails are still tough, P-Boxes are a close second. At| |this stage of the game, you have to try and keep sanity... | |_____________________________________________________________________| __________________ _/ Level Thirty One \________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 P-Boxes | | 2 Boos | | | |This level on a scale of one to ten, hardness being a ten, I'd give | |this level a four. Not hard at all, but mostly time consuming. This| |level makes it hard to get a chance to hit the P-Box or a Boo, but | |once you do, then you've got it down. | |_____________________________________________________________________| __________________ _/ Level Thirty Two \________________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Single Spiked | | 4 Triple Spiked | | | |This level has ice (which don't anyways?) and can be quite difficult | |if ice is your weakness. It's not mine, and if I've taught you as | |much as I've hoped to, it shouldn't make much of a difference. Stick| |to the basics. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ____________________ _/ Level Thirty Three \______________________________________________ |Enemies: 7 Boos | | | |Oh man, this one's a douzy. Ghosts are hard to hit. Not hard, but | |hard to hit. They float, and fade, and pretty much everything else | |in between. So, help yourself and refrain from screaming... | |_____________________________________________________________________| ___________________ _/ Level Thirty Four \_______________________________________________ |Enemies: 2 Tri-Balls | | 3 Single Spiked | | 2 Crabs | | | |Plain and simply, you will get confused. Two of these, three of | |those, a couple of these, and you'll start to forget how to attack | |who. Then what's the point? Eventually, while your throwing across | |court to a Crab, a Tri-Ball will come up and ram you right in the | |side. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ___________________ _/ Level Thirty Five \_______________________________________________ |Enemies: 6 Crabs | | | |As it would seem, this could be a final showdown between you and all | |the crabs. This battle is tough, and can be grueling, like a fair | |portion this game can be. Just take it slow, and watch your back. | |_____________________________________________________________________| __________________ _/ Level Thirty Six \________________________________________________ |Enemies: N/A | |_____________________________________________________________________| ____________________ _/ Level Thirty Seven \______________________________________________ |Enemies: 3 Snails | | 2 Bats | | | |Man, it just doesn't get any worse than this. Another set of snails,| |plus two bats, plus ice, and you've got yourself the recipe for | |disaster. Try to get rid of the two snails before they re-breed, and| |then you've got two, and try and get those two, so in the end, if you| |fall behind, then it doubles, and then, oh man, you've got trouble. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ____________________ _/ Level Thirty Eight \______________________________________________ |Enemies: 3 Tri-Balls | | 3 Single Spiked | | | |There isn't a lot to say about this level, it's not difficult and it | |is not easy. It's 'Okay'. That's probably the best word to describe| |this level. You can do it if you've gotten this far. | |_____________________________________________________________________| ___________________ _/ Level Thirty Nine \_______________________________________________ |Enemies: 7 Snails | | | |This level is probably a 39 out of 10 on the hard meter. This level,| |will be hard. It will take a few tries. And it will especially take| |a lot of skill to beat. | |_____________________________________________________________________| _____________ _/ Level Forty \____________________________________________________ |Enemies: 5 Boos | | 2 Tri-Balls | | | |Finally, the last level. Yes, if you can overcome the grief, and | |hold back the tears, then you can complete this game with "Prime | |Time"'s help. This level is quite easy, and I personally WILL NOT | |spoil the ending. | |____________________________________________________________________| ======================================================================= That's All Folks! Guys, thanks a lot for reading this FAQ. I actually first got the idea to pull out the Virtual Boy out of my closet when I noticed that there are only TWO Virtual Boy FAQs at GameFAQs.com. Thanks to CjayC for posting this. Thanks to you for reading. =======================================================================