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Proteus Zone is a cancelled shooting game for the Virtual Boy developed by Coconuts and slated for released in March 1996 before being cancelled.

The player finds himself in a realistic shooting game with three-dimensional graphics. In order to complete a stage, all enemies on the screen must be wiped out. You can enjoy impressive visuals by using the Virtual Boy’s functions, such as zooming in and zooming out. Besides the “ORIGINAL MODE,” in which the player is expected to complete each stage in order, the “TIME ATTACK MODE” lets a player compete for a high score against other players’ scores within a certain duration of time.

Every enemy character has certain connections with each other. And for this reason, the player can wipe out a group of enemies just by killing their leader. The more the enemies are killed as a group, the more points are given to the player, which is sure to give the player a great sense of satisfaction.

Enjoy a total of 20 stages, including bonus stages, in this 3D shooter that gives you a pleasant sense of floating. Fly around freely while shooting down oncoming enemies, consisting of eerie monsters floating in the darkness of the screen.

Game Details
Genre: Shooter
Players: 1 Player
Region: Japan
ROM Size: 8 MBit
Release Status: Canceled
Year: 1996