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3 Patches
Hack: “No Ads” Patch

During gameplay, small text “advertisements” keep appearing randomly on screen that read “Nintendo Virtual Boy”, “T&E Soft Presents” or “Redalarm”. If your system is low on power, the text “Batteries Low” will also appear. This patch removes all of those messages except the latter.

Author: HorvatM

redalarmnoads.ips (50 B)
Trainer: Infinite Shield

Gives your ship infinite shield energy. To be applied to the US version ROM (MD5 e56e85761f52a613b34079d5322088ce).

Author: enthusi

redalarm_infiniteshields.ips (14 B)
Debug: Single Press Debug Menu

With this patch applied, you only have to press Select once to activate the hidden debug menu, instead of the original 60 times in a row. Works on both USA and Japan versions.

Author: HorvatM

RedAlarm1PressDebugMenu.zip (220 B)